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Aditis Racing has had its most successful season yet

The 2022 season will have its own special place in the ADITIS RACING team chronicle. Our competitor Bartosz Groszek managed to win the TCR Eastern Europe Championship.

Since we worked together with Bartosz already in 2021, we knew that we will be very strong with him. That's why we set two goals before the season - the title among competitors and among teams.

Bartosz entered the season with a decisive step in the first race weekend. At the Hungaroring, he was the fastest in qualifying, and after starting from pole position, he won the first race as well. After fourth place in race number two, he left Hungary comfortably in the lead of the championship. And while his lead was changing throughout the season, he was in first place even before the final race weekend. Either thanks to successful home runs in Poznań, where he took victory and second place. Or thanks to his stunning chase drive in Grobnik. There he failed to depart from pole position and found himself at the tail of the field. But with a fierce drive, he secured a great 19 points for second place and the fastest lap of the race. The denouement of the dramatic plot was supposed to take place in Most, and it was exactly the finale that the entire season deserved. Two points still separated the two title aspirants on Saturday morning - the other was Petr Semerád. Neither of them scored points in the qualifying. After the first race, Bartosz even lost the lead in the championship for the first time in the season, when Semerád dropped him with a light tap in the first corner and finished in front of him. The last race promised, thanks to the tense atmosphere that hovered over the paddock after Saturday's course, a dramatic spectacle. And not only the members of the teams, but also the spectators at the Most autodrom got a great deal of it. In order to celebrate the title, Bartosz needed to finish the race ahead of Semerád. He tried to get ahead at all costs and during the first few laps our driver repelled at least four of his attacks. As the race progressed, so did the tension on the pit wall. However, the title fight was ultimately ended by a technical fault on Petr Semerád's car. For Bartosz was enough to finish the race in the points. He succeeded, one of the goals of the season was achieved and the celebrations could begin.

Unfortunately, we didn´t manage to win the title in the overall team ranking. Even Radim Adámek was adding points to the common treasury. But there weren't as many as he would have imagined. And the main obstacles to higher point gains were paradoxical to say the least. The first of them turned out to be starts from pole position. Radim started the race from first place three times. But each time he received a hit from one of his opponents, which sent him to the end of the field at best, or even straight into the pits at worst. The second factor was, also paradoxically, a new car. Before Grobnik, we welcomed the Audi RS3 LMS TCR 2021 to our garage. However, it was suffering from rather large labor pains and made it impossible for Radim to either see the finish line of the race at all, or finish in the scoring positions. Therefore, the 2022 season was not the best for Radim. However, the technical problems with the new Audi were resolved during the season, so we look forward to 2023 with expectation.

Huge thanks go to our mechanics. Despite the technical problems with the new Audi, the cars were prepared at 100% for every drive and it was one of the important factors in winning the title. Thank you!

Our thanks go also to all the people who supported us throughout the year. We are looking forward to the 2023 season.

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