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Type: BMW M3 E36 GTR 3.2

Engine: in-line 6-cylinder 404 PS, 375 Nm
Transmition: 6-speed sequential gearbox Holinger SG3
Differantial: Drexler Motorsport self-locking
Rims: BBS Motorsport 10×18, 12×18, centerlock
Tires: Michelin 270/650-R18, 300/650-R18
Suspension: KW 3-way, KW spring
Brakes: AP racing, 4-channel racing ABS MK 60 
              front 6-piston
              rear 4-piston
Racing, plates Pagid
Weight: 1100 kg
Pneumatic air jacks
Central wheel nuts

This car is suitable for racing CEZ, amateur races and expert pilots.
Possibility to rent or sell.